A Worry Free Halloween!

Grinning Halloween lantern vector illustration.While I love the idea of celebrating Halloween and enjoying dressing up it seems that usually with Halloween comes a lot of worry.  First of all worrying about where we can go trick or treating and worrying about if my kids are safe.  Unlike when I was a kid, it seems that it is no longer safe to turn your kids loose in a neighborhood.  Another worry comes from the weather.  It is nearly impossible to plan a costume that will suit our ever changing Indiana temperatures.  Last but not least I worry about finding a place to go to have fun, celebrate, and not let some great costumes go to waste.  Well this year I have an easy solution to ease the worried mind and that is our Keller Williams Realty Indy Metro Halloween Party! The celebration takes place Tuesday, Oct.29th from 5:30-7:00 at our office (8555 N. River Rd. Suite 200 Indianapolis, IN).  Not only is this the perfect venue to show off your costume in the warmth of inside but we will offer feature bobbing for apples, trick or treating throughout the office, and cookies and juice! What better way to enjoy a family friendly Halloween with friends as well as make new ones! I look forward to seeing all of you there!


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